Old Orhei - a unique place where traces of ancient civilizations gave rise to the birth of a new nation, which has absorbed a drop of blood - a ghetto-Dacian, Slavs, Tartars, Turks and other peoples. It is a sacred place, in the language of artistic comparisons, colorful thread woven into a single coil, from which subsequently was woven a beautiful carpet, striking for its beauty and variety of colors and shades.

Reut River Valley near the Old Orhei, a unique place not only in terms of the history of the Moldovan people and the beauty of landscapes, which unexpectedly opened astonished gaze. Such faults in the earth's crust can magically influence the mental and physical condition of the person providing it a beneficial effect. It is no accident such places in the world called "places of power". Old Orhei - one of those places, which has a high concentration of positive energy, which attracted and attracts people who have dedicated their lives to travel and spiritual service. Caves in the rocks is still reminiscent of monks who devoted their lives to serving God. In one of the caves rock monastery is still a functioning church, in which tourists from around the world.

Tourist complex Vila ETNICA®, consisting of a comfortable guest house in the style of an old manor Boyar, where you can comfortably spend the night, a unique eco-restaurant «La Butuc», where the food - it is a magnificent example of healthy and delicious food made from natural products of local origin, and Museum, consists of an extensive collection of artifacts presented in three village houses of the last century, where you can touch the history. Vila ETNICA® - a complex of unique architectural buildings on terraces of different levels, situated on a steep bank of the river Raut, at the foot of the rock, reminiscent of a sleeping dragon, on the outskirts of the village Butuceni, which is part of a unique historical nature reserve - Old Orhei, retaining their original natural beauty and traces of ancient civilizations.

Modernity if not touched this place. Life here is measured and calm - like floating clouds, like a stream of water of the river Raut, as it was one hundred and two hundred and a few thousand years ago, when in these places succeeded one another civilization - the Slavs, the ghetto-Dacian, Tatars, Turks, as well as the ancestors of the present Moldovans. All of them have left their mark on this earth.